Arte Violenta’s Virtual Workshop Series



The Art of the Whip

Sean McGarry


Sunday October 25th 

12-1:30pm est


Arte Violenta Online is offering a 90 minute virtual whip workshop! Sean McGarry will introduce us to some basic cracking techniques as well as dig into how the whip operates in order to fully understand the mechanics and theory behind the “big boom”. We’ll explore utilizing whip work as a full body art whether the pursuit is martial, flow, circus, dance or any other movement based artform. 


This workshop is open to complete beginners who are curious and ready to look super cool as well as folx who have a few cracks under their belt and want to increase their repertoire and explore whip work on a deeper level. 


For this class you will need:


An outdoor or indoor space with 12 foot clearance above and around you.

Eye protection 

Ear protection

Something to simulate a whip handle a stick, wooden spoon, or something else you have around that can more or less feel like the handle of a whip (Ideally around 12-18” long) 

A whip: If you don’t have your own, but you’re feeling crafty, contact us for a handy instructional video on how to make one!

If you’re not feeling especially crafty in this day and age, you can purchase an inexpensive practice whip from us for $20. 


Cost of class







By purchasing a ticket at full price it allows us to offer reduced prices for others. If the full price may present a financial hardship, please choose another option from our sliding scale.

 If you would like to purchase a pay it forward ticket (for any amount) to help defer the price for others, we welcome that. 100% of all pay it forward tickets go directly into our scholarship fund to pay for participants who otherwise may not be able to experience these workshops and classes. 

Art of the Whip

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