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January 10, 2021


In light of the recent terrorist attack on the Capitol building in Washington D.C, we at Arte Violenta would like to make our stance crystal clear. There is no home for hate within our walls. We will not stand for discrimination and hatred in our own community, and will actively strive to eradicate it in the communities where we work, play and live. 


We find it reprehensible that individuals entered the Capitol building, some armed and many with the intent to do harm to property and person. We strongly believe that everyone participating and/or inciting this insurrection be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


Furthermore, any groups or individuals in support of the events on January 6th and the continuing national conversation will find that they have no safe harbor with Arte Violenta. It has come to light that members of the Theatre community were present during the insurrection at the Capitol and/or supportive of the events that occurred therein. This information is heartbreaking, at best. Not only are these terrorists unwelcome in any Arte Violenta classes, workshops or events, we will not be participating in any events where these people might be affiliated. We also vow to report any recognized individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washington, DC directly to the FBI as per Art.III.S3.C1.1.2  of the Constitution. We will not cut corners to ensure our community members safety. 


We will not pretend that the performing arts, martial arts, historical swordplay, fantasy role play and even stage combat communities have not been complicit or even guilty in upholding cultures of white supremacy, r*pe culture and exclusive traditions. We must acknowledge and accept that this is our responsibility to confront these behaviors and practices head on. Therefore not only will we not support these ideologies, we will do everything we can to counter them within and around the spaces where we have influence. 


Arte Violenta’s mission is to build a community where people can explore themselves through movement and partnerships. We strive to help people become the best possible humans and artists that they can be and to help cultivate spaces where people can show up as their true and authentic selves without fear of judgement, harassment or discrimination. 


If you are in any way supportive of the terrorist attacks and behaviors that directly oppose our beliefs and practices, then we are not a community open to you and you are not welcome physically or virtually. Arte Violenta takes the physical and emotional safety of our community very seriously. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment free from harassment based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, immigration, disability, age, or mental or physical health condition. If anyone is experiencing or witnessing harassment within any of Arte Violenta’s physical classrooms or virtual spaces, they are encouraged to report it to: 

Jacqueline Holloway (Founder and Owner of Arte Violenta)

Or anonymously:


Jacqueline Holloway

Founder, Arte Violenta 

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