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Workshops & Classes


Winter Session

Long Form Classes (10 weeks)

Single Rapier

The focus of this 10 week class is on the single rapier. This class is perfect if this is your first foray into armed stage combat or if you are looking to delve deeper into perfecting your sword technique. We will explore proper attacking and defensive techniques as well as stance, footwork and choreography. 

There is no prerequisite for this class. 

Tuesday evenings 6:15-8:15pm

February 14th - April 25th


*No class Feb 21st



One of the most commonly used disciplines in stage combat, unarmed, is the art of physical storytelling without weapons. Learn to kick, punch, slap and fall convincingly and safely. Over this 10 week class, we will build foundational techniques that will serve as a basis for all other stage combat movement styles. 
There is no prerequisite for this class. 

Thursday evenings 6:15-8:15pm

February 16th - May 11th


*No class Feb 23, Mar 16, April 6



Short Form Classes (5 weeks)


This 5 week class will explore the basic concepts of close quarter fighting with a blade. Distance, time, and positioning will be the cornerstone of our studies. Attacks and counters, avoids and blocks will flash through your mind because distance equals time…and you don’t have much.
*No Prerequisite but prior Unarmed combat training is useful.. 

Monday evenings 6:15-8:15pm
February 13rd - March 20th


*No class Feb 20



This 5 week class will delve into creating and learning short phrases of choreography quickly. As an ensemble, we will engage in exercises that facilitate the rapid building and performing of choreographed sequences. This class will be the first in a series building on this theme, culminating in choreographing scenes from extant dramatic literature. 
Prerequisites for this class are prior experience in armed and unarmed stage combat. 


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